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We are continually finding new ways to share our in-house expertise with other organizations. Our SAFe practitioners help our teams deliver on time and on budget, and they can help your team do the same. Our experts help us choose, implement and manage our own software, and we can help your organization do the same. From SAFe certifications to software demonstrations and everything in-between, OST has the experts on hand to help you achieve your organizational goals.

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In today’s business environment, knowing how best to direct customer-focused innovation is crucial. In this 3-day immersive program, OST experts will help you and your team gain a better understanding of the theory and experience needed to bring design thinking to your organization.

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Commercializing connected products is challenging. Organizations struggle to orchestrate cross-functional teams that require collaborative commitment from both external and internal resources. To clarify value, reduce risk and ensure alignment, start with an IoT Opportunity Roadmap. Let us help your team strategically navigate the space between opportunity and risk.

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Businesses are asking IT to support innovation in new ways, which often means a shift to the cloud. A cloud strategy offers the best of both traditional IT solutions and the cloud. In this immersive Cloud Adoption Workshop, we come on-site to work with you and your key IT stakeholders to identify the value of moving to the cloud for your business. Let us help you align your goals, values, strategy and aspirations to lay a foundation for success.

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We have been using SAFe to deliver work to our clients for years, we are a Scaled Agile Silver Transformation Partner and our certified SAFe consultants can bring their expertise to your organization. We offer:

  • Agile and SAFe Coaching
  • Enterprise Transformation Consulting
  • SAFe Training Courses and Certification Prep

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When your organization is facing an ERP upgrade, migration or implementation, it can be difficult to know where to start. OST’s team of experts has completed dozens of successful Infor LN implementation projects and developed a proven, business-process-oriented methodology. We will help you quickly and effectively move forward in your ERP journey by understanding your specific situation, identifying mission-critical needs and charting a people-centered path from where you are now to your ideal future state.

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