Summit Training

Scaling the Training Summit Together

Working with training experts to create a scalable Learning Management System that’s better for customers…and the bottom line.

Legacy Limitations

Summit Training Source provides health and safety training programs across the globe, and was interested in entering new markets—but to do that, they’d first need a more scalable Learning Management System (LMS). Their legacy system wasn’t built to support multiple customers, so every time Summit acquired new clients they had to provision a copy of the LMS database. The process was really getting cost prohibitive and needed a fresh approach.

Solutions are living breathing entities. They shouldn’t suffocate the minute you walk away.

Scaling the Solution

When Summit asked OST for help, we consulted with them on the project scope, and then created and delivered a new web-based LMS built to fully support their training delivery efforts. The system was intentionally designed to accommodate and benefit multiple customers, complex corporate directory structures and security scenarios that were lacking in their existing set up.

A View From the Top

Today, Summit has a system to compete in this new market and is able to scale their customer base with little to no additional system maintenance overhead. This has meant real cost savings for Summit and has generated new opportunities to improve meaningful functionality for their customers.