Spectrum Health

A Healthier Approach to Patient Information

Reducing the pain of information access with Spectrum Health’s myDesktop. 

A painful problem

Spectrum Health was experiencing problems with their existing system set-up and reached out to OST to build a virtual desktop interface (VDI)—one where the employee’s workflow could follow them to any computer. The old process required staff to login and link to their personal workstation. People would forget to log out—blocking other users—or deliberately leave one person logged in, so the whole team could just use that account to accomplish tasks. Not very practical. Or secure.

"This is going to make things so much easier. My work follows me to any station I use!" - Helen Devos Children's Hospital ER Nurse

Healing the system together

Our partnership with the Spectrum Health team had them create the system architecture, while our team reviewed and validated the design. We also facilitated interviews and workshops, and developed branded materials for launch. Called myDesktop, the new solution allows easy system access with the employee’s own badge. Cloud-based content also meant no more bulky computers. Clinicians we’re now free to move where needed and have all of their data follow them.

Faster, easier and more secure

The result was a great improvement for Spectrum Health, from beginning to end. Thoughtful branding work helped guide and support clinicians through the new process. Logging in was now easier and more secure. Hardware costs were reduced and machines ran faster—no longer bogged down with unnecessary content. And the biggest success? This new streamlined workflow allowed for more quality time to be spent directly with patients.

Customer Voice

“We embarked on a journey to design the brand for a new product, but our journey led us to a design for how people would interact and experience the new product.”

Rebecca Content

Project Manager, Spectrum Health