Division 1 University

Putting a new tool to the test

Supporting an innovative curriculum and access to information with one smart app.

New curriculum, new challenges

A local university’s college of human medicine was transitioning to a “Shared Discovery Curriculum.” This new model flipped the traditional class-driven process—now students would interact with patient issues first and then learn what was needed in order to solve to the problem. As the program became more patient focused, we would need to help them shift their tools to be more user focused.

The new application allows students to create a personal portfolio to keep track of achievements as they progress through medical school.

Help for students and staff

We immediately involved our design team to assess the project scope, conducting interviews and workshops to help define the audiences involved. We quickly determined which features in the existing system had to be rewritten and modified to support the new curriculum. So, we started fresh. Students and staff required a portal for access to standing in each class. In this new model, instructors could watch the student, evaluate skills and take notes directly into the app—for better information in real time.

Earning an A in accessibility

With our new solution, it’s now easier for students to access student assessments. Students can also build their own portfolios directly within the platform, so they’re prepared for the next round of applications—residency, etc.—and their body of work is saved in one primary location. And because they’re a public institution, the app supports full accessibility for students of all visual abilities.