A Little Managed Services Competition Generates Big Success

When you make engines, it’s all about speed and performance- even in IT.

Statistical Outcomes


cost reduction on overall IT spend


of patches completed every day


server back-ups each evening

Start Your Engines

Our client, an $11B commercial vehicle and engine manufacturer, was unhappy with the cost and performance of their incumbent IT services provider. The catch? That contract wasn’t going to be up for several years. Projects were taking way too long, the lag in implementing new solutions was hindering the business units—and IT was taking the heat. Growing pressures to improve margins, reduce risks and create efficiencies led the IT Director to seek out new options.

Navistar Trucking and Routing Services

Since OST manages the ecosystem, Navistar IT employees are able to spend more time focusing on core business activities, driving even greater value to the organization.

Shifting into Overdrive

OST Managed Services was hired to work as a multi-sourced service provider. Soon, requests that were time sensitive or more innovation-driven were sent directly to OST. Silos were removed to improve end-user experiences and facilitate greater productivity, and while both resources still worked together—through unified monitoring, management, and IT Operational Maturity—bringing OST on board reduced overall IT costs for the customer by nearly 20%.

A Winning Finish

As a result of this multi-sourced solution, the incumbent has also improved performance, and less time is spent managing that resource. Requests are resolved 63% faster by OST than the other provider, taking VM provisioning time from 2-3 weeks down to a single day. And servers back up successfully each night, reducing risk and data loss. Working together with IT has fostered innovation, quickened time to market, and cut costs—all while improving ROI.

Our success and reliability forced our competition to improve as well, creating a more reliable IT infrastructure for Navistar.

Customer Voice

"I've had the best years of my IT career since OST started working with Navistar."

Navistar IT Director