Connecting 300,000 Trucks for Improved Service

OST helped Navistar use predictive analytics to reduce truck failures for their company—and improve job satisfaction for their drivers.

Drivers Needed

In the logistics industry, organizations are challenged with driver shortages, safety concerns and vehicle productivity. Navistar, a 180-year-old truck and engine manufacturer, was looking to solve these issues by connecting their commercial vehicles through an IoT solution. The ability to track a vehicle’s location and external conditions is critical, but Navistar was also looking to improve driver retention and satisfaction for thousands on the road.

“When there are failures, the truckers aren’t making money, the customer who wants shipments aren’t happy and the drivers aren’t happy,” said Navistar CIO Terry Kline. “When a truck is connected, we’ve seen an 80 percent reduction in catastrophic failures.”

Better Data, Less Downtime.

Over the next two years, OST partnered with Navistar to build an IoT solution to link in more than 300,000 trucks. As work continued, Navistar connected vehicles through its OnCommand open-architecture remote diagnostics system, collecting data—analyzed by visualization tools like Microsoft BI and Tableau—from sensors and control modules. This enabled the company to view valuable vehicle information while decreasing downtime.

Big Data-Driven Support

Through the efforts of OST’s extended partnership with Navistar—and the data collected and placed in OnCommand—drivers, dealers and freight owners are now being provided with real-time, predictive insights and services. All of this has driven increased profitability for the company, increased satisfaction for drivers, and helped solidify Navistar as the industry leader.

Customer Voice

“When that data is in OnCommand, that’s where OST comes in, supporting all the servers, drives, software and apps. People can create and have lots of data, but OST has mined the data and made it presentable for the right party to take value from it.”

Terry Kline

CIO, Navistar