Midwest Healthcare Organization

Improved Access and Interaction for Patients

OST combined efforts with other development teams to help a Midwest healthcare organization take their customer support portal to a whole new and improved level.

Scaling and Improving the Patient Experience Across Devices

This Midwest healthcare organization is a not-for-profit system of care dedicated to high-quality, high-value care for millions of individuals across their state. They had an existing patient portal that, while serving many customer needs, also had its issues. In particular, they struggled with scaling the portal experience as they grew as well as recreating a delightful experience on mobile devices. They were looking for a solution to solve these problems, be easily expandable, and work within their existing infrastructure—all with minimal disruption for patients, providers and other staff.

[The new app] provides patients access to their health records, lab results and e-mail communication with their healthcare providers.

Development Collaboration Across Teams

OST partnered with this Midwest healthcare organization and other local technology companies to create a drop-in replacement for their existing portal site. Built on a similar foundation, it could be easily deployed using the same skill sets as before. Because this new and improved portal was the combined work of several development teams, it demanded careful design and delivery management to allow for deep and seamless collaboration.

A Smarter Mobile App to Support Patients

The result of everyone’s hard work, the Midwest healthcare organization deployed a fully-functional application with nearly 200,000 users. It allows patients to do everything from pay bills to schedule doctor visits. Built into four different mobile platforms, it’s able to support users wherever they go. And it’s a success story made possible through OST’s technical skills, architectural expertise, and enthusiasm for partnering with like-minded problem-solvers.

Image of a phone with a healthcare application open.