Metro Health

Providing Managed Services Support to an In-House VDI Implementation

During an in-house VDI implementation, the Metro Health IT department realized they were lacking the internal knowledge and resources to successfully complete the project. OST stepped in to provide managed services support, providing depth-of-knowledge as needed.

High Visibility Project Created Anxiety for the Small In-House Team

The in-house staff at Metro Health lacked certain critical skills or depth of experience with VDI after the primary engineer left mid project. Due to the investment in the project there was a high degree of visibility across the company creating pressure to deploy the EUC services on time and successfully – despite the lack of experience. The loss of a key team member threatened the project going off schedule and possibly budget.  The small team lacked experience with the new technology, and sufficient resources to support the added infrastructure. A depth-of-knowledge- was also needed to manage very challenging, complex projects involving other teams, OEMs, Vendors, etc, and the small team didn’t hold all of those skills.

With OST taking care of the "run-the-business" tasks, the in-house staff is freed up to innovate.

OST Managed Services to the Rescue

OST Managed Services stepped in to provide the needed depth of skills, where needed without adding headcount or payroll. By providing both the oversight of systems and resources; the team was able to mitigate risks, both human and system. With flexible staffing, Metro was able to take advantage of different skills as their needs dictated throughout the lifecycle of the project. In the even greater governance and overall operational maturity helped maintain alignment between IT and business stakeholders. By providing the ongoing support, OST continues to free up internal resources to innovate.

On-Time Delivery, Increased Patient Support

The project was not delayed and implementation issues were avoided through OST’s  VDI experience and project management methodology. The ongoing support covered by OST continues to help Metro by avoiding costs like training to train staff in a point solution. Instead the Metro staff can be shifted to core business activities providing greater cost to value and improving the work life experience for inhouse  resources. Metro is a great example of an organization that embraces  IT and business alignment.  Working as a combined team allows OST and Metro to continue to innovate, reduce time to production, cut costs, and improve the ROI for Metro’s technology investments.  The overall enhancements from Metro’s use of VDI have produced unprecedented improvements in clinician mobility and patient care.

Customer Voice

“I am speechless. From what was a disaster to what has become a miracle, I am grateful and indebted to such dedication, service, and excellence! You all rose to the challenge and found a way to save our situation. I want to thank OST for your true “partnership”. I am without words. All I can say is that I’m grateful to work side-by-side with such a team. You guys are part of what makes Metro special.”

Bill Lewkowski

CIO, Metro Health