Configuring the Operating Room of the Future

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital health solutions and added an extra layer of complexity for patient care facilities. Our client, a world-leading medical technology company, understands the complexity of creating the perfect patient care setting. So they set out to improve the process of designing operating rooms for medical centers. With many years of experience in the medical device industry, this organization knows there isn’t one standard room configuration that works for every medical center.

To dramatically improve the room design process, our client embarked on a journey to develop and implement a custom product configurator that enhances the selling process of complex medical devices.

Helping Medical Centers Build Ideal Patient Care Spaces

When selling complex ideas, simplicity matters. This is no different for configurable products within the healthcare sector. Companies are being forced to rethink their selling process because B2B consumers are demanding greater customizability and simplicity. Our client already provided operating room design software to enable customers and dealers to spec out spaces, but they knew they could build a better experience for users.

To distinguish themselves from competitors, the organization implemented a proprietary medical room design software tool that would allow medical centers to visually configure a variety of patient care spaces — and manipulate them utilizing augmented reality.

Over time, and prior to working with OST, the organization realized the current operating room design software needed to be revamped. The organization’s internal development team took the project on with confidence. As the project proceeded, team alignments changed, and the organization pursued a partner to complete the development of the 3D configurator. During the evaluation of potential technology partners, the organization connected with OST’s experts to assess our capabilities of tackling this project. OST has worked with this client in the past and demonstrated a proven track record of executing projects efficiently, building alignment across teams, generating value and driving innovation. Our expertise, skills and commitment to their success ultimately differentiated us from other vendors.

OST Helps Power Innovative, Customized Room Design

The main priority for the project was to develop an updated 3D room design experience that would enhance the selling process between our client’s sales team and customers. To achieve their goals and keep the project moving forward, OST focused on developing the room design tool in Unity 3D — a powerful cross-platform 3D development environment. Using the agile framework, our team developed, tested and released the desktop room design product configurator for both Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Using the operating room design application empowers customers to create innovative, customized spaces that meet their specific needs and improve workflows. The client’s customers can fully design rooms with features ranging from custom walls and windows to surgical lighting, patient tables and more.

Leveraging this technology means healthcare organizations can virtually bring medical facilities to life months before construction begins while efficiently shortening sales cycles, lowering inventory costs and more.

Laptop with a configurator screen open.

OST: Your Strategic Partner for Product Configurators

OST helped turn our client’s product configurator ideas into reality with our experienced developers, software tools and cross-functional expertise. At every step of this project, our team worked closely with stakeholders and other teams to optimize the design and selling process of configurable operating rooms for the organization and their customers. We worked diligently to quickly bring the Unity 3D product configurator to market and with extremely high quality to generate value and inspire innovation right away.

Our work with this client is ongoing. Using a phased approach, our experts will continue to help with the development and support of the augmented reality version of the design software to be integrated with Microsoft’s HoloLens. As a strategic partner, we will continue to help our client achieve their business goals using our proactive processes, deep expertise and dedication to their success.

And our team can help your organization do the same.

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