About Legrand | AV

Legrand | AV brands create amazing experiences through innovative solutions and exceptional service. Legrand | AV is the parent company of leading audio-visual brands including Chief, Da-Lite, Vaddio, Sanus and more. With comprehensive offerings catered to a variety of industries, Legrand | AV helps people connect through technology, and they are committed to a culture of sustainability.

Each of Legrand | AV’s brands carries a strong, satisfied following of customers, and Legrand | AV was seeking to uncover new opportunities for growth by applying human-centered design to their customer journey.

Creating a 360-Degree Understanding of the Customer Journey

The Legrand | AV team reached out to Azul Seven, which has since joined OST, to help assess its current customer experience and identify areas where the company could invest to positively impact customer engagement and satisfaction across brands.

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Customer Experience (CX) Consulting

First, our human-centered design experts assembled a cross-functional team within Legrand | AV to identify and map the customer journey. This created a baseline understanding for the team internally. Next, our experts undertook a deeper ethnography exercise to construct a customer journey that was as objective as possible. Our team spent several weeks in the field researching, observing and exploring every touchpoint customers have with Legrand | AV directly. And we also investigated the indirect interactions that influence consumers’ experiences and expectations.

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Service Design Consulting

These discoveries, interviews and research findings all contributed to creating a service blueprint that outlined touchpoints, falloff points and feedback loops within the customer experience. This current-state baseline was used to ideate a new and improved blueprint for the company going forward. Together, Legrand | AV and our design experts prioritized tasks within the blueprint and determined the most important next steps for improving the customer experience.

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Improving the Customer Experience

As a result, Legrand | AV consolidated its branded web experiences to meet customer needs with a single, cohesive experience. Other long-term changes included combining offline customer touchpoints and packaging improvements — but the work hasn’t stopped there. Every 18 months, Legrand | AV partners with OST to conduct qualitative research with its customers to understand how successful their improvements have been, which areas of the customer experience need attention next and how customer needs and expectations are shifting over time.

And our customer experience work has recently expanded to include the unique perspectives of Legrand | AV customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. During our last engagement, we developed journey maps by persona to help Legrand | AV more deeply understand the unique experiences and interactions customers have related to their professional roles.

OST: Your Partner for Creating Truly Outstanding Customer Experiences

Successful business strategies require learning, attending to and continually revising the understanding of your customers’ experience. Organizations that accept “business as usual” are not only falling behind competitors but also missing out on huge opportunities in the dynamic (and often volatile) market.

With OST, you can make the shift from being static and reactionary to proactively understanding what your consumers want, how they purchase and how your organization can seize existing and breakthrough opportunities to drive growth and innovation.

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