Johnson Controls, Inc

Shining a Light on Energy Consumption with Analytics

Helping Johnson Controls put the energy needed into a comprehensive data tracking system for corporate energy use—here and around the world.

What You Don’t Know

Johnson Controls is a diversified tech leader, creating quality products and solutions to optimize energy and operational efficiencies for buildings across the globe. With exploding energy demands, companies need a clear view of their usage in order to steer business decisions every day. The challenge they posed to OST was turning the data that comes out of most energy systems into information that people can understand—and really use.

Solutions are living breathing entities. They shouldn’t suffocate the minute you walk away.

Data You Can Use

We initially worked with JCI developing a framework of adapters to integrate with popular energy systems, as well as a cloud-base system for storing data from client sites. Once in place, we also created an energy consumption dashboard that helped their clients login and view data in meaningful ways. The process ultimately led to the creation of an app that facility managers could use on hand-held devices to understand building energy usage in near real-time.

Better Information, Better Decisions

After partnering with Johnson Controls on these efforts, we helped create a foundation of systems and techniques that now genuinely support a global energy management product portfolio. With these tools in place, they are continuing to grow their customer base, their revenue, and energy usage awareness for companies around the world.

Customer Voice

“OST knew what they needed to do. We articulated the vision that our organization wanted, and they took it and ran with it. Whether it was taking the data and presenting it on a kiosk, tablet, mobile or desktop device, we worked with the same core team throughout the process. The bottom line is, our customers require access to key data in order to make business decisions and OST has been extremely effective in accomplishing all of this.”

Jeff Kwiatkowski

Platform Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc