Johnson Controls, Inc

Big Data Demands Powerful Analytics

Helping Johnson Controls create a platform that uses real-time analytics to make decisions—a real difference for managing huge data.

A Relationship Reinvented

Johnson Controls creates quality products and solutions to optimize energy and operational efficiencies in buildings around the world. During an extended partnership, our focus with JCI had changed from AppDev to an Internet of Things (IoT) project—to bring value and clarity to the reams of information collected. The end goal was to create a platform that would allow them to handle and analyze enormous data for real-time decision making.

Business Intelligence had changed a lot in the five years we worked with JCI. They relied on us to help them discover and vet out the tools that were best for them.

A Platform Reimagined

To begin, our team needed to build a way to take in, store, and handle vast amounts of data. Once complete, the team then evolved the platform’s capabilities to bring greater value to that content. The platform allowed for deep dives and high-level views, with individuals able to quickly pivot, building managers able to optimize resources, and global companies able to manage billions of data sets from across the globe.

Services Above and Beyond

Through this new analytics program, JCI is able to offer solutions that go far beyond selling and servicing their equipment, and their customers are able to access their own data and make decisions regarding energy resources for their buildings. The program has proved an easy way to visualize and report data collected, and now that patterns are quick to show themselves, resources are spent in much smarter ways.

Customer Voice

"I've looked at Big Data and IoT. A lot of people have big ideas about just pouring data into a system. I'm using up storage, and I'm getting data in. But the key is finding the people that can translate that into business speak. That's really been one of the great things about working with the team at OST. The developers and solution architects turn into people that understood the business case. That's the difference."

Jeff Kwiatkowski

Platform Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc