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Data Delivery in a Snap

Clipping lead times to make Intelligent Information systems smarter than ever.

Shaving weeks down to hours

The client had an eight-week procurement lead time for data center equipment and most of that time was eaten up after already receiving capital approval—having systems racked, cabled, and ready to configure and install. Enter OST. With innovative cross-discipline capabilities, we were able to design and implement a new Just in Time Data Center Inventory Procurement Solution that dramatically cut lead times from eight weeks down to 48 hours or less.

OST solution experts, administrators and technicians, are embedded within the client team to manage systems and deliver top-notch results on a daily basis.

Teamwork makes it happen

OST also applied Data Center Services expertise to create processes and automation that could both facilitate the build-out and guide the configuration of equipment. Additionally, we dedicated our own solution experts—administrators and technicians—to be embedded within the client team in order to help manage systems and deliver top-notch results on a daily basis.

Better, faster, with room to grow

OST’s Application Development team created a custom end-to-end inventory workflow system, with scalable architecture to meet ever-evolving needs. The partnership completely changed the way the client manages hardware technology. Far more responsive, they have now grown from one to three data centers, with expansion plans underway to support other locations.