Staying Connected Down the Line

When a leader in conveyor systems needed help moving information out to their employees, OST was there with an innovative mobile app solution.

Mobile Workers, Mobile Needs

Dematic is a global leader in logistics and materials handling solutions, with conveyor systems and other products ranging from highly complex scanning systems to small business solutions. Many of their employees work in the field at customer sites on a variety of connected mobile devices, and it was critical that Dematic provide those employees an app that could work across platforms—but they couldn’t do it alone.

The real impact of this project for Dematic was an improved workflow. Items can be approved on the go from mobile devices, where once they could only be done from the desktop location.

Delivering Across Devices

Dematic chose OST to help design and develop a mobile web application framework that could deliver key functionality—from their internal business systems, to employees in the field and on the go. Our utilization of web-based applications allowed Dematic’s employees to use any type of device and still enjoy the same functionality with a framework that features a native user experience.

Real-Time Results Mean Success

The results? Dematic is starting to see big productivity gains by embracing the mobile delivery of enterprise application features. Users are able to get the work done and approve needed steps in key business workflows—all in real-time. This new web app framework has lead to a smarter, more efficient business and a better-equipped mobile workforce for Dematic.