As one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, our client’s customers and patients are at the heart of everything they do. Ensuring that their innovative products and services in Orthopedics, Medical and Surgical Equipment, and Neurotechnology and Spine, continue to perform at the necessary level of care and quality is of the utmost importance.

This mindset is the driving force of the smart equipment management projects OST has been working on with our client as part of their team’s big data cloud strategy.

Putting data to use on hardworking tools

Traditionally, tracking and reporting the usage of hospital tools is the responsibility of the surgical team.  The addition of a human variable can compromise accuracy, especially with the use of a device where even a second of utilization makes a profound difference in performance quality. Our client aimed to create a program which automatically tracked usage data and uploaded it to a storage and analysis platform, eliminating the need for manual influence. OST came on board to help them optimize their cloud solution while building for future scalability.

Multiple paths for optimization

The OST team helped to identify and prioritize the next steps for success, building a platform that could expand and scale for future utilization goals. We transitioned the data ingestion from a monolith approach with dedicated virtual machines to micro services in a serverless model, reducing utilization costs and duplicative testing. Now, only affected bits of code need to be retested after an update, rather than the entire set of monolith code in the beginning. The transition has reduced the monthly consumption spend by thousands of dollars.

In addition to restructuring the data into a more efficient cloud optimization model in Azure, OST has worked side-by-side with our client’s team to provide project management, process improvement, and strategic alignment and consulting. These engagements have helped the team create processes which keep the project on track and help future project planning to reduce any possible disruptions.

One of the biggest challenges for the client is selling the solution throughout the organization to gain new users and adoption of the platform. By working with OST in a consultation capacity, they are striving to create a business plan and platform which can effectively be sold to other business units and utilized as a big data platform throughout the organization.

Working closer together for better results

Our work with this client is ongoing. At this time, the items we have worked on together have dramatically reduced technical cost and debt. With our client’s team members working at OST once a week, we are integrated in a way that encourages collaboration and strategic project planning across customers and partners.

The updated platform has improved user experience in the healthcare environment. Updated storage and analysis platforms for big data utilization has reduced cost and will allow the platform to scale as usage increases.

Overall, the mindset of our client’s team has shifted. They are thinking differently about how to build a big data platform which will carry them and their customers into the foreseeable future.

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