Comfort Research

Inventory Efficiency with Data Analytics

Comfort Research needed help strengthening their supply chain processes, so OST delivered real-time information tools for better business results.


Growing Pains

Comfort Research, headquartered in Grand Rapids, has revolutionized affordable furniture by developing products that deliver greater comfort and value. When they came to OST, they were looking for ways to run their business even better. Specifically, they needed to manage inventory and financial reports more accurately and efficiently, so they can continue to grow—a struggle intensified by large retailers that required quick inventory fulfillment.

Real-time analytics allows Comfort Research to quickly react to inventory levels across retailers.

Getting Comfortable with Data

The OST data analytics team looked at various sources of data for Comfort Research, researching their business, then creating an analytics architecture that could better meet their needs. Once the project plan was developed, our team applied an agile approach to build a new data platform—delivering value to the business, while also continuing to pivot and support its changing scope.

Inventory Insights, Better Business

Maturing from spreadsheets to a real-time analytics dashboard has allowed Comfort Research to meet the demands of their retail partners. Knowing quickly and reliably where they stand on store inventory, supply chain inventory, and financials, they’ve been able to better manage their growing organization and provide top-notch customer support. Inventory speed to market has also allowed them to successfully sustain their large retailer presence.

Customer Voice

“I cannot say enough about the services provided to us by the experts at OST. We have used them to help us ramp up our efforts to be more sophisticated analytics-driven decision makers. OST’s datamart architecture team and their trainers on interface utilization (we use Tableau) have been critical to our efforts. I appreciate their expertise, their A+ project management skills, and willingness to teach us certain skills to help our in-house staff accomplish more things autonomously, which is necessary to help us scale. When we deem our current project complete, we will look to OST first for any of the other initiatives we want to tackle that OST has the skillset to make us better!”

Mike Zeilstra

CFO, Comfort Research