Using Data To Better Understand The Air You Breathe

For Amway, the Atmosphere Sky air purifier represents an opportunity to grow. Not only in the types of products offered to customers, but the way in which the organization is able to interact with end users. From strategy and organizational governance to platform architecture and implementation, OST has been with Amway every step of the way in development.

Thinking Differently About Clean Air

How do you take a previously unconnected device and connect it? Seems like a pretty simple task, but the complexity can and should make any organization question the value of embarking on this type of project. For Amway, they knew that connecting their air purifying system was worth the challenge. When connected, the Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment system provides increased value for the organization, their distribution channels, and the end user in a way that the unconnected device couldn’t. The product sends information via a phone app to the user regarding the quality of the air within a specific area. The app also provides an easy way to reorder filters, making the use and maintenance of the product seamless. The distribution channel also benefits from this positive customer experience and reoccurring sales with the filters. For Amway, one of the biggest points of value from this product is the new visibility into their customer. With the connected Atmosphere Sky, the registration process and application means they know more about who is using the product and how well it is functioning. The increased data and usability of the data means Amway knows even more about their demographic and can truly help people live better lives.

Connected products change the game. For the end user, the Amway business owner, and the organization as a whole.

An Idea For A New Product Stretches An Organization

Amway is one of the world’s largest direct selling businesses, selling nutrition, beauty, bath, body, and home products through a network of Amway independent business owners across the world. Until the launch of the Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment system, all of their products were unconnected. In the early stages of R&D for the product, they began asking how they could elevate the business and improve lives using data. The development group knew that creating a connected product would be outside of the comfort zone of most within the organization. Development tested the processes that have been in place for decades and forced groups to work across silos in ways that were never required before. The biggest challenge was bringing this new strategy into a very established organization. .

From Design To Development, OST Walked Side-by-Side With Amway

Early on, OST worked with Amway to validate the project, provide credibility and reassurance to the leadership teams, and set the project on an agile development path. Once OST was brought into the project in a formal capacity as part of an ecosystem of partners, we started with a discovery phase, focusing on strategy and UI/UX development and continued through development. Created on the AWS platform, the development teams worked seamlessly to create a product that delivers increased value, reliability, and personalization through data utilization. The cross functional teams of design and development meant solutions were vetted early on, increasing the speed to a solution.

Customer Voice

“This stuff requires you to think about your partners in a unique way. OST had a vision from the beginning to get Amway to stand on our own two feet. Our OST partners were there every step of the way and were just as passionate about the success of the product as the Amway team. In the end, everyone identified with the Sky team and project. It wasn’t about who was paying their paycheck, we all had one common goal.”

Sara Gonzalez

Amway Supervisor, Connected (IoT) Experiences

Amway Atmosphere Sky

Where Do You Begin?

Connected products can change everything, but it doesn’t have to be intimidating.

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