2-90 Signs

Following the Signs to a Smarter Quoting System

Collaborating to create a scalable custom order and quote process—and help direct this wayfinding company toward a better customer experience.

Problems with Direction

2-90 Signs are the pioneers in the wayfinding industry, with an extensive line of high-quality products designed and built in the U.S. As business grew, 2-90 Signs saw that their current order and quote system was slowing them down, creating unnecessary complexities. Part of their success had always relied upon the ability to create custom pricing for each order. 2-90 came to OST looking for an updated pricing system that could evolve with their business.

Custom is great, as long as the organization has a reliable way to manage the process. The new order system created clear guidelines and processes for employees to follow, resulting in improved customer service and success.

Finding Their Way

Overall, 2-90 was looking to speed up the custom quote process, while adding internal guidelines and reliability to reduce costly mistakes. The OST application development teams took this desktop-based, excel system and created a new scalable, web-based system, allowing them to reduce infrastructure management and costs. A new order entry system was also built, supporting communication and pricing throughout the process—all the way to the factory floor.

Sign of Success

The new system has been an enormous success in driving costs down and increasing sales with a simplified, automated ordering process. 2-90 Signs now boasts a more reliable order entry solution, and a new quote system with all the needed process checks in place. The modernized infrastructure also allows for orders to be found easily, and repeated for reoccurring orders—for a happier, ever-growing customer base.