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Learn how your business can succeed and outpace competitors in our increasingly digital and rapidly changing market. At OST, we know that your success is going to depend on the unique characteristics of your business and industry. But we are always happy to share the principles and frameworks that help any organization achieve success in their digital strategies. Want to learn more? Register for upcoming events and webinars or browse the recorded webinars below!

Roundtable: The Experience Economy

Tuesday 02/01/2022

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

In the last decade, we’ve moved from the Information Age to the Age of the Customer. What does it take for organizations to thrive in this new experience-based economy? Organizational service design should be implemented as a useful tool as you adapt to this shift in expectations and introduce new technology into the market.

Join fellow industry leaders for a highly interactive session with OST’s Design team featuring Lisa Helminiak and Abby Breyer.

Our experts will lead you through a brief presentation followed by interactive breakout rooms. We’ll listen to your experiences, challenges, and questions. And we’ll share tools, advice and best practices to help you along your journey.

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