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Episode 11: Closing the Talent Gap

By 2020, there will be over one million computer programming job opportunities, and far fewer computer science grads to fill those roles. As an enterprise with growing development needs, you’re probably more than familiar with this problem.

Thankfully, innovative programs like Minneapolis-based Prime Digital Academy and self-learners are rising to the occasion.

On this episode, Application Developer, Ken Sykora talks us through the various computer science learning methods from four different perspectives. Ken, himself was a traditional 4-year computer science graduate from University of Wisconsin.

We also hear from Fred Sheanan, Education Director at Prime Digital Academy – an immersive, bootcamp-style computer science program to teach the skills necessary to break into the programming field. OST Application Developer, Holly Tuhake is a graduate from Prime and joins us to share her path to computer science and what this program was like for her.

Finally, we’re joined by Tony Ticknor, a self-taught developer who got his start digging into websites for the music industry and is now the Director of Technology at Irish Titan.



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