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Episode 07: Copilot Series - Regis Corporation's Director of Information Security, Bernie Rominski

Welcome to the first episode in our Copilot series, a regular feature where we invite a customer, industry leader or trusted consultant to share their journey toward digital transformation.

On this episode our Principal Consultant and resident Identity and Access Management expert, Chad Willaert, interviews Regis Corporation‘s Director of Information Security, Bernie Rominski.

Regis is the world’s largest salon chain, headquartered in Edina, Minnesota and is an OST customer working with the team in our Minneapolis office.

Regardless of the industry, IT departments are being asked to move faster and even to completely transform from supporting the business initiatives to creating them. Regis is no different and Bernie’s 19-year tenure gives him a unique perspective to observe and drive that change.

We loved talking with Bernie and hearing his story. Bernie shares his take on digital transformation, governance and the ways he’s bringing IT to the table to help solve problems and create new opportunities for Regis. He also shares the one rule you’re probably ignoring in Monopoly that will make you love the game again.



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