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Episode 06: Security & Things

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast: Episode 6

There are inherent security risks as we invite ‘things’ onto our networks and into our homes.

As a business, we’re charged with managing the devices on our network and making sure they only have access to the right data at the right time for the right reasons.

But as consumers, we are often fueled by excitement, going through installation steps and loving the new way we can set our temperature, unlock our doors and automate our homes. We may not pay attention to the recommended two-factor authentication or the buried privacy setting that protects us from hackers and exposing our private lives to these devices.

IoT experts Jim Vandermey of OST and Alex Jantz of AWS discuss where the security responsibility lies: with the business or with the consumer.

For more information on IoT security, here is the book Jim recommends at the end of the episode:

Cyber -Assurance for the Internet of Things by Tyson T. Brooks



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