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04: Dysfunctions of Digital Teams

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 4

It takes a village to make a digital product.

Designers, developers, marketers, operations and finance are just a sampling of the parties that are coming together to make digital products for enterprises. As you can imagine (and have probably experienced), getting these often separate groups of people to march in the same direction can be difficult.

On this episode, we talk with Director of Product Design, Christy Ennis-Kloote & Connected Products & Data Analytics Practice Lead, Aaron Kamphuis about the pitfalls some digital teams face as they attempt to organize and make something great.

From team size and deadlines to communication and agile process, Christy & Aaron break down these common issues and suggest some alternative ways to assemble and work toward a common goal.

Christy & Aaron mention a few recommended books in this episode, including:


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