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03: Ethics in Product Design

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 3

If what you’re building today is front page news tomorrow, how are you going to feel about that?

As business models evolve and data becomes a primary method of currency, the decisions we make as product creators become ethical considerations. What data are you collecting and why? How do your users know what you intend to do with it? And most importantly, how does that align to your company’s values? It’s 2019 and this is a necessary, emerging conversation in the world of product design.

On this episode, we chat with OST Design Leads, Molly Hillstrom and Brian Hauch who have plenty of experience helping companies strategically and practically create digital products. Molly recently spoke on this topic at World Usability Day, if you’re interested in hearing more.

While ethics can feel ambiguous and a bit abstract, Molly and Brian share some relevant examples and give you a few considerations as you build out an ethical framework for your product teams.



If you’re curious, here is that beautiful Parcheesi game Molly mentioned at the end:


Parcheesi - Design Ethics Podcast

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