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Episode 02: Data & Things

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 2

As companies build deeper connections to their customers through IoT, a whole new world of customer data opens up to them. And while data is valuable, we can’t forget that the only way to get data is through people consistently using your product. And the only way to get people to consistently use your product is through making something that people want to use.

On this episode, Lizzie Williams talks with Jim VanderMey, OST’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer and Alex Jantz, Solution Architect with plenty of experience in IoT.

Together they discuss the value of data and the fine lines of user experience you walk to obtain it. They also share some interesting connected products on this episode we wanted to link for you. Here are a few mentioned:

Upright, the posture device

A great twitter account of uselessly connected devices



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