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Episode 01: The Pilot

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 1


Welcome to the Pilot episode of 10,000 Feet!

We’re coming to you from OST, a technology firm that’s been helping companies launch digital initiatives for more than two decades. Throughout that time, there’s been several waves of change across organizations, but none quite as strong as the digital transformation facing enterprises today.

On 10,000 Feet, you can expect us to talk through the issues organizations face as they make the shift to a technology company, regardless of their industry. We’ll talk with knowledgeable guests and each other about the successes, the failures and some hypotheses on what changes are coming next.

We kick off our first episode with OST’s Chief Executive Officer & President, Meredith Bronk. While Mer is not a technologist, she has been with OST from early on and has a deep understanding of what technology means for an organization and how that continues to evolve. Her ability to understand the technology and the business provides her with the unique capability to come at things from a more challenging perspective: human behavior.

Mer is joined today by host, Lizzie Williams, OST’s Sr. Employee Communication Specialist, focusing on employee experience and communication. We will mix up hosts from time to time, but Lizzie had a really great pilot hat, so we had to take advantage of that.

On this episode, you’ll learn a bit about why we named this podcast 10,000 Feet and why the key to driving change is actually people. Mer also shares some tips to change hearts and minds to move in one direction.

Thanks for tuning in! We look forward to sharing more conversation with you. If you have an idea for a topic or guest, feel free to reach out.

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