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Episode 39: Running Remote With Liam Martin

Ten Thousand Feed Podcast Episode 39: Running Remote With Liam Martin

Like most of you, we’ve spent the past year dialing into Zoom meetings to connect with coworkers, collaborate, plan our work and even record our podcasts. It’s been a huge shift for us, but for people like Liam Martin, working remotely has been a way of life long before the pandemic.

In this episode, we interview Liam Martin, the founder of and the world’s largest remote work conference, Running Remote. Liam believes that in the next five years, remote work with move from survival mode to scale mode and that more than 50% of hyper growth companies will be remote. When you consider that only 4% of the workforce was remote pre-pandemic, that’s a very significant number.

It was a fascinating conversation.

And if you’re interested in learning more about Running Remote (which is coming up on May 21st), visit


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