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Episode 35: Remote Onboarding

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 35: Remote Onboarding

Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and a variety of other tools for the remote workforce have allowed us to continue to drive business forward in the Covid-19 era. Video calls, asynchronous messaging, virtual collaboration — all of this has suddenly become the norm rather than the exception for the workplace. With these tools and techniques at our fingertips, we have fostered work relationships and maintained forward momentum amid a constantly changing market.

Unfortunately, team members starting new jobs are facing an uphill battle as they try to forge relationships without all the traditional trappings of onboarding: touring facilities, going out to lunch, bumping elbows, etc. At OST, we thrive on kitchen conversations, hallway hellos and fireside discussions. We’re also experiencing rapid growth. So the switch to virtual onboarding for new employees has been a challenging one.

In this episode, OST’s Director of Application Development (and veteran 10k Feet Podcast host) Andrew Powell interviews Tori Dean, a talent experience consultant at OST, and Sabrina Brooks, a 2020 remote hire to the Configuration Services Team.

Andrew, Tori and Sabrina discuss remote onboarding from their different perspectives and hypothesize what the future may bring for hiring and remote connection.


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