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Episode 34: The Living Dead: IoT Zombies

Ten Thousand Feed Podcast Episode 34: IoT Zombie Devices

As we come out of the Halloween season, we wanted to discuss an oft-forgotten undead entity: IoT zombies. They aimlessly wander the consumer space and devour data, but they can’t seem to learn anything.

In this episode, Andrew Powell interviews two of our connected product experts: Aaron Kamphuis and Jen Nowlin. Jen has been in IoT for 20 years and is now a Principal IoT Consultant at OST who helps guide manufacturers, medical device companies, and other organizations through connected product initiatives. Aaron is the IoT Practice Manager at OST and a veteran guest on the Ten Thousand Feet podcast.

Together, these three discuss how 60% to 70% of companies consider their IoT projects unsuccessful. Many of these fall into zombie territory where devices are collecting data but not actually delivering smart insights. With practical ideas about how to move forward if you find yourself trapped among IoT zombie devices and much more, we know you’ll enjoy this episode!

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