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Episode 32: Advocating for Design With Lisa Helminiak

10k Feet Podcast Episode 32 Advocating for Design With Lisa Helminiak

Making a product and designing a product experience are two very different undertakings. We have all used apps, devices, products and services that we didn’t necessarily want to use again, and a key reason for that is design.

In this episode, we welcome Lisa Helminiak, Founder and CEO of Azul Seven, a design team based in Minneapolis that recently joined the OST family. We’re happy to welcome Lisa and her team as they help us expand our human-centered approach, service design expertise and customer insights capabilities.

OST Design Director Brian Hauch interviews Lisa, and together they explore how design helps overcome the challenges associated with creating products and building experiences that delight consumers.

Please help us welcome Lisa and her team to OST and enjoy the episode!

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