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Episode 29: Leading With Emotional Intelligence, Feat. Shannon Cohen - Part 2

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast - Episode 29

Shannon Cohen, Founder and CEO of Shannon Cohen, Inc., helps leaders thrive at the intersection of joy and purpose. Shannon is an accomplished author and speaker who also runs an online retail shop with greeting cards and other inspirational goods. She is joined by Meredith Bronk again in the second part of this two-episode series discussing emotional intelligence (EI) and how leaders can support themselves and their teams during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the first episode, Shannon and Meredith discussed the importance of seeing the people who make up our teams as whole people and empowering them to continue innovating in the midst of a pandemic.

In this section of the interview, Meredith and Shannon discuss racial equity in America. Their focus is on how organizations can move forward genuinely and authentically to be part of a solution from the place they are today. In the middle of one of America’s largest social movements, Shannon shares her advice on how to make a powerful difference and support black lives and racial equity from wherever you are.

We have been honored to have Shannon on the show, and we know you’ll love hearing from her on both episodes.

Want to learn more from Shannon? She is hosting a Rockstar Woman Virtual Brunch in September to provide strategy, inspiration and healing moments that will uplift and ignite women leaders. Visit Shannon’s website for more information and tickets.

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