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Episode 13: The Riskiest Assumption Test

Ten Thousand Feet Podcast Episode 13

Have you ever spent a bunch of time and money building an MVP and it still falls flat with customers? What if you could test out those assumptions before you even build an MVP? You can – it’s called the Riskiest Assumption Test.

For short, we call it a RAT (which Jim loves to say) and it’s a usually quick, usually inexpensive way to test if the things you think are true about your product are actually true.

On this episode, we talk about this with OST’s CIO and Frequent Ten Thousand Feet Guest, Jim VanderMey. Jim is interviewed by Application Development Practice Manager, Andrew Powell.

Like they say – there are no truths inside the building – only opinions. The RAT allows you to get out there and see what’s actually true for your customers before you invest serious resources. Jim gives some great examples of Riskiest Assumption Tests that will get you thinking.



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