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IoT with AWS

At OST, we understand the challenges and opportunities that arise as an organization develops a connected product. Choosing the platform is a big decision, but it doesn’t need to be one that keeps you awake at night. We’ve developed connected products for enterprise organizations on the AWS IoT platform, and have a strategy to decrease production time to get you to market faster.  Utilizing a global cloud platform, like AWS, provides you with the velocity to move fast and create an ideal user experience. Not sure if AWS IoT is the right choice for your organization? Let’s discuss the possibilities, together.

Our Work

Work Smarter, Feel Better with Connected Products

Using Data to Better Understand the Air You Breathe

Intermatic IoT Project

Bringing New Technology to a Key Product Line

IoT Foundation
IoT Foundation: A Connected Products Accelerator

The IoT Foundation is an AWS IoT starter kit that brings all the benefits of serverless architecture to your connected product from the start, so you can begin creating value as fast as possible. IoT Foundation utilizes various AWS tools, including AWS Lambda and AWS Cognito to create a secure, stabile and agile environment for your connected product.

Download the IoT Foundation Whitepaper to learn more.

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