Lisa Jilek, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at OST

Lisa Jilek

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Jilek’s career has ranged from founding a consulting business to leading large, diverse teams in enterprise corporate environments to developing and directing organizational strategy for OST as CEO. She has an extensive background in driving growth and alignment at the intersection of business and technology. 

Lisa has a history of proven success in growing OST’s services business during her tenure at OST. And that success has been a natural outcome of her prior experience as the vice president of sales and marketing within OST and as an entrepreneurial leader throughout her career. Lisa was the founder and CEO of Revved Results, Inc., specializing in improving revenue and profitability by incorporating high-impact ROI sales and marketing strategies. Later, she held leadership positions at Thomson Reuters and built a CRM Center of Excellence to manage global Salesforce instances and develop best-in-class enterprise lead-to-cash processes. Then, before joining OST, Lisa was Senior Director of Sales Operations at Stratasys, where she was directly responsible for new selling motions that improved go-to-market capability. 

Today, business is digital. Technology plays an increasingly prevalent role in every aspect of a business, from internal operations to consumer experiences. In an industry predominantly led by technologists, Lisa stands out as a technology company leader: someone who deeply understands business needs and how to operate and adapt at the intersection of business and technology. 

Above and beyond her experience and skillset, Lisa is an engaging, out-of-the-box thinker with an extraordinary ability to get results in a collaborative and meaningful way while creating a culture where people are inspired to make a difference.

She is currently based in Minneapolis with her husband Ben and son Rio. Despite the blustery winters, she loves Minnesota and the variety of experiencing all four seasons! Her family can be found “up north” on many summer weekends engaging in the full gamut of Minnesotan-cabin activities. 


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