John Thayer

Vice President of Sales & Strategic Business Development

John connects the dots of where our clients and their industries are headed.  He leads our go-to-market strategy and execution through OST’s passion, vision,  and thought leadership in order to open doors and achieve continued geographic expansion. His strengths of adaptability, passion for business, quick decision making, and the ability to handle challenges head-on (and without a hair ever going out of place!) make him a valuable part of our team.

Variety over John’s 33 year career has helped create his wisdom.  After earning his BS from Grand Valley State University, he became Lead Systems Consultant and Manager of Support Services at Technicraft in Virginia. Later John held Sales Engineering and Sales roles at Data General. After 5 years as VP of Information Services at a private firm in the Detroit area, John enjoyed being a Sales Executive with Sun Microsystems. In 1996 John and one partner founded a consumer ISP, after converting to a commercial focus John sold out in 2000.  John also spent 9 years in direct sales and management with EMC. John later joined HP, where he met OST. The ensuing relationship led to a subsequent decision for John to join OST as the Director of Sales and, most recently, being promoted to V.P. of Sales & Strategic Business Development in 2015.


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