Webinar: The Three Biggest Pitfalls that Lead to IoT Failure

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IoT failure webinar
Learn how to recognize and avoid the three biggest pitfalls that lead to IoT failure.

A connected product journey is full of unexpected roadblocks and unknowns that can lead to IoT failure. Whether you are already working on building a connected product, or just starting to explore the value it could provide your organization, this webinar will provide helpful insights into the journey ahead.

We’ve worked with clients to successfully launch connected products from smart office furniture and air purifiers, to connected trucks and industrial chillers. As we’ve ridden the ups and downs with our clients, we have learned with them and drawn on our experience to focus on the choices that matter most. Knowing the territory and choosing to focus on what will be most effective instead of what feels most familiar; leads to aligning teams, delivering products, and getting them successfully to market. In the process, we’ve learned a thing or two about the areas in which companies tend to stumble and fail during an IoT project.

Join us as we discuss the three biggest pitfalls that teams run into during an project that result in IoT failure. We’ll take you through a few case studies to share our tips, such as what engagement model to use, what a team model looks like for IoT, and where saving money matters most. You’ll leave with strategic recommendations and practical tips you can immediately apply to your own connected products.

You will leave this webinar with a greater understanding of:
• Crucial dynamics to consider before embarking on a connected products project
• Tips and suggestions to avoid the challenges that cause IoT projects to fail
• Red flags to keep an eye out for before they derail the entire project

View our IoT Pitfalls Webinar to learn more about how you can avoid IoT failure.



Christy Ennis-Kloote: Director of Product Design, OST

Alex Jantz: Connected Product Solutions Architect, OST

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