Software & Systems

Often, the smartest solutions come from taking what you already have—and making it better.

Most of our clients have existing software systems they use to run their businesses. When they make the decision to build or integrate a new software solution they want to leverage the data they already have. We get it. And recycling is so “hot” right now. We have tons of experience dovetailing modern technology platforms with our customers’ existing systems.

Services we provide:

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Business Process Abstraction
Data Access
ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Scripting
Transactional Data Mart Design
Data Security
Activity Directory User and Group Management Automation
API & Middleware Integration
System Modernization
Content Management Solutions
Custom ERP Systems

We have the experience helping clients integrate systems and implement best-of-breed solutions where custom software just isn’t necessary.

Where Do You Begin?

We understand the impact a custom application can make.

Let’s discuss the possibilities for software integration in your organization.