Cloud Software Development

Sometimes, having your head in the clouds is precisely where it should be.

The benefits of cloud computing are arguably pretty compelling, with issues like business agility, scalability, efficiencies and cost savings at the top of the list. You see companies making the move to the cloud at a stunning rate, building mission-critical Java applications specifically for these environments. Many of the current trends in software development—such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery—are dependent upon cloud services.

At its heart, cloud software development is fast. Really fast. If your organization is using cloud tools, there’s little to no software or hardware to install—or upgrade—whenever there’s a new release or a security concern. Within minutes, you can gain access to a robust source code collaboration and management solution. And the tools are integrated with best of breed software, so there’s no complex setup.

This new era of agile development is an exciting one—balancing IT and developer interests, and taking advantage of containers and open source to make development smarter and more efficient. More collaborative. More powerful. At OST, we can help you navigate through all the questions, and facilitate an honest conversation to determine if and how the cloud makes sense for you, and the future of your business.

What Is Keeping You Up At Night?

The cloud has the capability to level the playing field. From Fortune 100 leader to local start-up—it delivers equal opportunity innovation and agility.