Operational Optimization

A holistic approach leveraging proven technology, flexible solutions, and innovative processes to deliver highly optimized operations.

Your business already exists, so solving IT issues isn’t necessarily about invention, but re-invention. OST understands that there are inherent edges to your technology. That said, we’ll do everything we can to drive value for your organization from the systems and architecture we already know. And own. For us, innovation means customizing your systems and architecture to make your organization more robust, more relevant, more revolutionary—without taking an eye off security. No need to start from scratch. Renovating existing resources in smart, innovative ways and supporting the business—from delivery to performance management—through skillful efficiencies and speed to value. That’s our creativity.

A Little Competition Generates Big Success

Customer Voice

“We engaged OST to help us solve an extremely complex problem that was ‘killing our business.’ With their help we were able to take a process from 6 weeks down to 2 hours! This proprietary solution developed by OST has been a game-changer for our company and provided us with a competitive advantage you just do not see in our industry.”

OST Client

We partner to deliver customized solutions that are pragmatic, cost-effective, and that address all elements impacting delivery and performance management.

Customer Voice

“Ethical, trustworthy, creative, responsive….and also innovative. OST is an organization that just keeps on delivering extreme value. OST’s partnership with Priority Health is very strong – as we together continue to seek innovative ways to develop technology that will help lead Priority Health to new revenue sources and markets. OST has helped us solve some of our toughest problems, and now helps us seize some of our brightest technological opportunities.”
CIO, Priority Health

Operational Optimization Capabilities


Managed Services

With OST managed services, we offload the operational support of an organization’s infrastructure to free up internal IT resources to focus on projects and activities to create higher business value.


Value Added Reseller

OST works with companies from all over to customize their data center infrastructure architecture and design to meet the plethora of different business needs to build a new generation of data centers.


Data Center Migrations

Much of our reputation comes from our extensive data center experience. Focusing on the availability, management, and optimal utilization of data centers since the day our doors opened in 1997, so you, our customer, can focus on growth and aligning to the cadence of business.


Back Up Recovery and Archive

Your data is only as strong as your backup and recovery system. In a multitude of ways, we’ve got your back.


With disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), the time to return applications to production is reduced because data does not need to be restored over the internet. At OST, we do much more than simply supply your data when it is needed after a disaster; rather, we supply your applications in a way that they can be used immediately.



Originally, our sole purpose as a company was to meet the technical infrastructure needs of the Baan community. Over the years we have supported over 400 Infor Baan customers around the world with education and technical implementation services. Now, we provide a complete spectrum of Baan services: ERP LN upgrades, implementation services, application development, remote managed services, co-location services, database performance tuning, system optimization, high availability services, disaster recovery.

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