In the programmable world, all our objects will act as one.

At OST, we believe delighting our customers should be frictionless. That is why we take a design-led approach, also known as human-centered. Its gives us speed to align with customer problems faster and deeper. Part of being frictionless is setting the right expectations with our customers.  Taking a human-centered approach is about expectation setting on how we will solve a given technology or business strategy problem.

Amazing things that happen when people and technology come together. They happen when software applications support our customer’s end users, their patients—their consumers—in a way that creates real value. They happen where design thinking is applied to intimately understand a problem, so that digital strategies can be created and executed deliberately and effectively. They happen when we blend a deep knowledge of enterprise systems, data centers and cloud with scalable, cost-effective infrastructures and platforms—for differentiated benefits you can see. And feel. Throughout our space you’ll hear words like loosely coupled and mobile and API and design. This is toolbox we use to build great human, digital experiences—with velocity, with flexibility—in a way that is unconstrained by the traditional limits of technology. At OST, we do amazing things. Come find out what that means for you.


OpenDigital at OST


“It’s hard to find compassion in the ones and zeros so we look elsewhere. It’s not about being right or wrong or smart or stupid. It’s about being human.”


Digital is not an object or technology. It is an effect, behavior, and result.