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Cloud Integration Services

When you’re doing business in the cloud, the right partner is key. After all, it’s a long way down.

OST’s Cloud Strategy and Roadmap provides our clients with a well-rounded IT delivery strategy customized specifically to their business and industry. Migrating legacy IT systems takes time as well as resources, so selecting a cloud partner that can help drive a thoughtful hybrid strategy—without requiring costly new on-premise hardware and software—is the key to simplifying operations and helping you meet your business goals.

Through working closely with our customers, OST has developed an industry-recognized 6-step On-Ramp to the Cloud methodology. From connecting, securing and financing, to managing, deploying and monitoring, it allows clients to seamlessly integrate the cloud as a secure extension of their company’s existing value.

A Brief Story

Respond to the needs of the business

When considering moving workloads to the cloud, a large furniture manufacturer reached out to OST to help determine when and how to integrate with external cloud services. The customer needed to accelerate access to compute, network, and storage in order to increase the organization’s flexibility in responding to capacity and development needs.

Implement decision-making methodologies

To help the customer easily and quickly identify the appropriate infrastructure for a project, OST developed a uniform decision-making methodology and evaluation matrix that enabled the customer to select the best solution for the business.

The solution? Cloud as a service

With the discovery phase complete, OST used the customer-specific methodology to assess the value and level of effort in moving specific servers to an “as-a-service” cloud solution. The solution allows the customer to utilize the cloud in a cost-efficient way that enable the business to move quickly.

Where Do You Begin?