IT Modernization

Information systems that merely keep up, are already behind.

People talk a lot about the cloud and other modern technologies. But, at the end of the day, they’re all just tools. At OST, the question we pose to our clients is “are they the right tools?” We want to help our customers think strategically in ways that deliver information and insights of real value. The cloud and other new technologies are not something you go to because it’s the latest thing, but if it allows you to work smarter—to plan deliberately without sacrificing flexibility—then that’s a real benefit. OST can help address the myriad of challenges facing customers and modernize critical systems and architecture to increase growth, reduce costs and transform business.

Outdated systems demand big dollars to maintain. Don’t throw good money after bad. Let our experts help you make the move from legacy systems to modern platforms—without missing a beat.

IT Modernization Capabilities


Cloud Guidance

The OST Cloud Strategy and Roadmap provides customers with a well-rounded IT delivery strategy customized to their business and industry.


Hybrid IT

Transitioning your IT infrastructure to a hybrid model enhances operational efficiency, agility, customer responsiveness, cost optimization, scalability and security.



Virtualized desktops and application virtualization solutions provide IT departments with a streamlined way to deliver, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications—all while keeping costs down and ensuring folks can work anytime, anywhere, across any device. Coverage is the name of the game here.


IT Security Solutions

The OST Information Technology Security Assessment Process, known as the Montgomery Method™, is a methodology that has been successfully protecting organizations from IT security breaches for more than ten years.



Deliver high quality working software, faster, with DevOps automation and processes.

Where Do You Begin?

No matter where you are on you journey, we can help.

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