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Healthcare Cloud Use Cases

With every new release, running on prem hardware is getting more and more expensive. Our comprehensive solution will bring you everything you need and improve your current state while saving money at the same time.   

We bring you solutions in ways that suit your needs. Here are a few of the healthcare cloud use cases:  

  • Disaster Recovery on Demand​ 
  • On-Demand Dev/Test/Training Environments​ 
  • Cloud-hosted Application and Desktop Presentation Tiers with Elastic Capacity​ 
  • Research, Analytics, AI, Machine Learning​ 
  • Custom Applications – Patient portals, Telehealth​ 
  • Cloud-hosted Backups​ 
  • Self Provisioning and Automated Deployment 

Let’s Get Started!

Why consider moving your Epic environment to the cloud?

IT budgets are constrained more than ever right now and yet your Epic infrastructure requirements continue to grow by 20-40% each year. Not only that, you’re lucky if you can use your Epic infrastructure for three years before outgrowing it or before it falls off the confidence list. You may have even compromised your disaster recovery capabilities in order to meet the minimum capacity requirements of your production environment. Can you afford to do this year after year? Implementing some or all of your Epic environment on consumption priced, on-demand cloud infrastructure will reduce your infrastructure costs and eliminate these constant refresh cycles.

Epic released its ‘Reference Architecture for Epic on Azure’ in June 2020 so now it’s not a question of if you should consider cloud infrastructure, but why aren’t you using cloud infrastructure yet? Inexperience or concerns around cost, security, and performance should no longer be barriers to considering Epic in the cloud. 

Just a few benefits of migrating with OST: 

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OST has been designing and implementing Epic infrastructure for over 15 years and has focused the last two years on helping Epic customers migrate to the cloud – including the very first Epic customer to migrate their entire DR environment to Azure.

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Cost Reduction

Why pay for all that infrastructure you’re not using? Using cloud infrastructure, you only pay for Epic disaster recovery and non-production infrastructure when you use it, rather than buying it all just in case.

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OST has automated the deployment of Epic’s Reference Architecture using cloud-native tools like Azure DevOps pipelines and Terraform code.

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Holistic Approach

We know that Epic is only a part of your clinical application ecosystem. OST considers the impacts of cloud infrastructure on your entire clinical application ecosystem, not just Epic.

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An organization’s unique mission and clinical approach is reflected in the complexity of IT applications and infrastructure. OST provides a tailored approach that aligns to the unique complexities of each of our customers.

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Go from nothing in the cloud to Epic in the cloud in less than a month. Our proven automated deployment methodology and reference architecture guarantees improved time to value.

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Worry-free Management

Not ready to manage cloud infrastructure or need us to show you how? OST offers a range of management services from fully managed Epic-as-a-Service to temporary assistance and training.

What an Engagement With OST May Look Like

We tailor each engagement to the needs of our customers. You can expect to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Check out this example of your Epic in the Cloud engagement with OST:

Diagram of 8 milestones: 1) “Architecture Review & Design Blueprint Creation”, 2) “Cloud Overview Training”, 3) “OST Cloud Foundation Implementation”. 4) “Epic Infrastructure Proof of Concept”, 5) “Epic ODB DR Infrastructure Implementation”, 6) “Epic DR Web and Services Infrastructure Implementation”, 7) “Epic DR on-demand Hyperspace presentation Implementation”, and 8) “Transition to DevOps for ongoing support”.

Case Studies

Legacy Health Medical Center

Reducing costs, improving resiliency and accelerating growth across the organization with a focus on improving patient lives through innovation.

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Image of a healthcare professional holding a stethoscope behind their back. Text in the top left corner reads “Deaconess” with their logo.

With two data centers in the same geographic disaster envelope, Deaconess needed help reducing risk to critical clinical patient care in the event of a disaster scenario.

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Image of a medical professional with their stethoscope. Text in the top left corner reads “Memorial Hospital And Health Care Center”.

Keeping the project moving despite Covid-19, we implemented Memorial’s entire Epic development environment in Microsoft Azure in about one month.

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Why work with OST?

We have more than 20 years of experience and a track record of being innovative that certainly holds true as it relates to Epic in the Cloud. It is rare to have a solution that provides the same or better experience than Epic organizations have currently AND will cost less and offer more flexibility!

Does Disaster Recovery keep you up at night? A Disaster Recovery plan for Epic is a great first step. Watch what can happen if you don’t have a DR plan for your other critical applications. See the full video here 

OST: Your Partner in Epic in the Cloud implementations

We have more than 20 years of experience and a track record of being innovative that certainly holds true as it relates to Epic in the Cloud. It is rare to have a solution that provides the same or better experience than Epic organizations have currently AND will cost less and offer more flexibility!

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