Experience Design

You are not your features.

To your users, the interface is the product. But when products fail, it’s almost never because the interface wasn’t beautiful. Instead, they fail because they weren’t designed to meet the needs of their users. At OST, we believe a great design not only looks and feels good, but it tests the assumptions about your users through prototypes before you write a line of code.


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User Experience Design - UX

How do you want users to feel when interacting with your product, brand, or service? User experience design works to create meaningful customer experiences through usability, accessibility, and delightful interactions.


User Interface Design - UI

The layer of a digital tool that adds visual energy, thoughtful content, and “ooooooo!”-inspiring interactions to the experience.


Service Mapping

Great service mapping leaves customers saying, “this company gets me.” By understanding the full picture of your customer’s experience across all your brand’s touchpoints, you can evolve and expand your product or service to be more human.



We use early iterations of a product to explore ideas, validate requirements, and test usability. Prototypes can vary in complexity, from simple sketches to complete functioning systems, but they’re all meant to test desirability, feasibility, and usability as early as possible.

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