Managed IT Services

When our team is your team, our dedication is yours. Our expertise is yours. Our drive is, well…you get the picture.

With OST managed services, we unburden the operational support of an organization’s infrastructure to free up internal IT resources, so they’re better able to focus on projects and activities that create higher business value. We work not as outsourcers, but partners—to truly understand your business and your company’s goals. Our team acts as an integral part of yours to achieve those goals. Because your success is our success.

Choosing the right team to be your team—when you don’t have enough people on your own team—is one of the most critical decisions a team can make.


We've Got Your Back

We Do What It Takes

Companies can be a bit like shoes. They come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. From sandals to stilettos—they have their own style; they do their own thing. And that’s why we adapt to the spirit of each individual customer and the way they work. No boilerplate services here.

Adding a new service? No problem. Need to change an SLA? That’s cool. It’s your business. Just know that we’ve got your back—and the multi-faceted skills to ensure that your projects stay on track and the work gets done.

Relax...We've Got This

It’s tough talk, but it’s the reality out there.

We staff with high-end, experienced resources, allowing us to complete your work more effectively and make the better decisions from the start. Utilizing lower-end or overseas resources may gin up better-looking proposal numbers, but those resources seldom translate into project success. Lack of empowerment. Lack of reporting. Lack of progress. They all equal big problems.

When anyone on our team sees something wrong, they have the authority to do something about it. We’ve got smart people on task…right from the beginning. Problems get fixed. Quickly and for good—so the same issues don’t keep cropping up.

We don’t waste time—yours or ours—shuffling tasks from one queue to another. We quickly analyze, prioritize and tackle the ones with the greatest positive impacts. Our tech experts are efficiency bloodhounds, sniffing out the next improvement or automation to get the job done right, right away.

It's Our Home, Too

We care for the servers, applications, databases, and network appliances we support like they’re our own. Seriously. From innovative problem solving to late nights working on a customer’s system, we don’t wait to be asked for help. When the sky is falling, we roll up our sleeves and work to tackle the trouble…without a second thought as to whether it’s in our contract to fix a falling sky. And when we’re speaking with a customer about a project, it’s not about “you” and “us.” Around here, we use the word “we,” and that’s exactly what we mean.

Ready, Willing and More Than Able

We don’t operate by the book. At OST, we’re not afraid to trek the road last travelled—when it makes sense for your business—and put these years of experience to work reshaping a new, flexible, and better approach to customer operations.

Some companies deliver only what the agreement states—nothing more. There’s no business as usual at OST. We don’t wait to be asked and we aren’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff…especially if it means making your job a little easier.

Managed Service Capabilities

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Application Management

Our Enterprise Application Management services take on the operations and ongoing management for key business applications in the environment.  Administering systems such as SAP, BAAN, and Peoplesoft, we take the day-to-day application maintenance off your team’s shoulders so that you can concentrate on evolving the business processes that use them.  Our approach concentrates on robust application monitoring, agility to serve changes the business needs, partnering with the business to understand and overcome pain points, and ensuring a premium end user experience.



We offer enterprise grade backup-as-a-service capabilities, providing the infrastructure, software, and management services under a monthly rate, taking the challenge of backup off your hands.  Our solutions are tailored to your needs, utilizing Commvault or Veeam based solutions, depending on the needs of the environment, with onsite backup to disk, site to site replication, replication to the cloud, and even good old-fashioned tape.


Cloud Management and Operations

Our Azure and AWS cloud management and operations services takes the same maturity and agility from our infrastructure management solutions, and reinvents them in the cloud.  Our services include cloud-centric monitoring, management, security operations, and at the speed a DevOps organization requires.  Extend your environment to the cloud, relocate to the cloud, or build applications in the cloud.   

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End User Services

Our Enterprise End User Services solutions provide you with the services you need to take care of the end user.  Service desk, desktop support, ITSM ticketing tools, procurement functions, mobile device management, software packaging, desktop lifecycle management, and desktop patch management are some of the key services we provide.  Our approach combines the enterprise mindset, an agile approach to ITIL, and one primary driving passion: premium customer service.

The key to effectively enabling your customer base with technology, is giving them a premium customer experience. “Click to chat” straight from the desktop, creating a premium experience walk-up customer service space, using second level engineers as the first person to answer the phone, are just a few ways that we are different.  We are so confident in our ability to deliver customer happiness that it’s one of our primary contractual SLA’s.


Infrastructure Management and Operations

Our Enterprise Infrastructure Management and Operations services provide everything you need to manage the datacenter.  Engineering and operations support for servers, storage, networks, database systems, operations and monitoring for the entire enterprise, automation and DevOps capabilities, and onsite datacenter operations are just some of the services we offer, in every enterprise platform.  Our approach concentrates on robust monitoring, root cause problem elimination, automation, and agility to deliver an environment that is reliable, adaptive, and capable.


Security Operations

Our Enterprise Security Operations services provide all the security monitoring, vulnerability management, compliance management, active threat handling, security governance, and endpoint security services to keep data secure.  Our approach is to use our experience combatting and resolving security situations, common sense, and a steady and deliberate drive to ensure all reasonable measures are in place.  Where we see most organizations fail is in two ways: either not defining security practices and implementing appropriate measures, or defining security standards and toolsets so daunting they are never fully implemented.  We concentrate first on the risks we’ve seen, and ensuring unwavering and verified protection against those first.

So, where do you start?

The demands of IT from the organization are changing.

Whether you need help with day to day IT activities, help-desk support, or other services, we’ve got your back.