Hybrid IT

For peace-of-mind that lives squarely on-premises. Even when your data doesn’t.

Do you recall being able to access, manage, and secure your data easily because everything happened on site? If that’s becoming a distant memory for your company, you’re not alone. These days, most businesses are balancing a mixed IT environment that includes clouds, technologies, and partners to meet specific needs. And for most organizations with on-premises infrastructure to consider, operating this kind of hybrid architecture is a necessary part of cloud adoption.

Transitioning your IT infrastructure to the hybrid model may make sense for a lot of reasons. It enhances everything from operational efficiency, agility and customer responsiveness, to cost optimization, scalability and security. The key is to be sure that you’re moving the right areas of your existing IT infrastructure into the cloud—based on your business needs and goals.

We’ve created strategic partnerships with longtime leaders in on-premises OEMs—such as HPE, NetApp, VMware, Microsoft, AWS, and others—to allow you to run existing enterprise applications with great success. And throughout the migration, OST can either work alongside your team or just handle the entire process for you. Whatever works…we’re flexible. We’ll also help your organization review and reshape existing processes with ones that are easier and more efficient—so you can focus on growing and transforming the business.

A Brief Story

From on-prem to hybrid

OST was engaged to lead the development and delivery of a data center migration and optimization of a Fortune 1000 global manufacturer, moving from entirely on-prem data centers to a hybrid strategy.

What is the plan?

This role included data center discovery and assessment, designing, planning and validation of the project procurement, and the development and execution of the migration plan. Pre-migration readiness validation, dry run testing, and data center testing and validation rounded out the plan.

On to phase II

The outcome was a successful migration to a modernized infrastructure in a hybrid environment. The hybrid environment positioned the customer for the next phase of the optimization strategy, which included public cloud options. The project ran smoothly having mitigated risks with the custom enterprise architecture that was robust and flexible.

Ready To Talk Cloud Strategy?

The reality is that cloud computing is a journey, not a destination. And managing a solution can be as complex and ever-changing as the cloud itself.