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Over 20 years ago, our first project at OST was an ERP implementation. And that customer is still with us today. From those humble beginnings, our growing team of ERP consultants has worked locally and traveled the globe to help businesses just like yours realize the benefits of holistic ERP solutions.

What differentiates us goes beyond our extensive knowledge and experience with ERP systems. We’ve also been on the other side of the table in the c-suite and as VPs, directors, and managers in departments from purchasing to operations.

We deeply understand your needs, your challenges, and the nuts and bolts of ERP implementation. We know that updates to your ERP involve as much change management and business project management as bits and bytes of data. The easy part is the software, technology, and tools. The fun part is getting to know your business and helping you leverage your ERP to drive real value.

From strategy and planning to complete ERP implementations and migrations to application managed services and beyond, OST is ready to help you optimize operations, deliver actionable reporting and insights, and get the most out of your ERP software and systems.

Realize Your Business’ Full Potential

Our most popular ERP services include:

  • Custom ERP Development (Integrations, Extensions, Plugins, and Other Customizations)
  • ERP Infrastructure, Application Managed Services, and Help Desk
  • ERP System Administration and Hosting
  • ERP System Upgrades (Patching, Service, Feature Packs, Porting Sets, Operating Systems, Databases, etc.)
  • ERP Version Upgrades and Implementations
  • ERP Data Migration Tools and Services
  • Training and Process Development for All Versions of Baan and Infor LN
  • Project Management Support

We are an Infor Alliance Partner, but we have experience in a wide variety of platforms, operating systems, databases, coding, software, hardware, and more.

If you’re struggling to realize all the benefits of an effective ERP system, please contact OST today. We look forward to helping you!

Meeting the needs of the Baan community is work that’s close to our heart. And always on our mind. In fact, it’s why we launched OST in the first place.

Customer Voice

"OST has been one of the key factors in the success of our ERP LN implementation and ongoing customizations and support of our system. OST’s experience and expertise continues to be integral to our ongoing success. We continue to utilize OST for supplemental support, system configuration, module implementation and application customization."

Tony Mendoza

Director of Information Technologies, Spectra Logic

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