Software Configuration Services

Because sometimes an off-the-rack solution just isn’t the right fit.

OST’s Configuration Services offer design, development and support for companies seeking custom configured software. With more than twenty years of experience providing solutions to the A & D community and manufacturing across the globe, OST is uniquely qualified to offer custom configurations and support. The OST configuration practice offers real value and benefits to customers through two different engagement models, or a hybrid of both.  OST can provide friendly, incredibly capable consultants to work within an established customer project team, or we can help remotely, doing what’s needed to create and implement extension content—for Configuration Services configured just for you.


Customer Voice

“What started out as an ideation session at Herman Miller quickly evolved into a full-service, custom configuration offering from the OST and Configura team. In today’s digital world, it is partnerships like these which help us succeed — ones in which we not only ideate together, but drive to solutions which are mutually beneficial and create value for all parties.”

Jeff Kurburski

CIO, Herman Miller

Featured Customers

With services that can span from initial ideation through development and support, custom configuration speaks to not only to the product created, but the process itself.

Partner Voice

“With our OST collaboration, we can develop and offer more extensions, products and functionality to our manufacturer customers and end users. Any manufacturer and dealer that makes and sells configurable products can benefit from our solution.”

Peter Brandinger

Vice President, Configura

Configuration Capabilities



OST is one of Configura’s top implementation partners and a preferred vendor. The OST Configura practice can deliver real value and benefits to customers through two different engagement models, or a hybrid of both.  OST’s close partnership with Configura, combined with a proximity to their US headquarters, uniquely positions us to be a strong, value add partner that can’t be beat. Bringing OST in as an implementation partner has expanded Configura’s customer base beyond office furniture and design companies to new industries such as manufacturing and end user support.

Where Do You Begin?

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