Digital Innovation and Digital Strategy Consulting

Plan for Growth, Transformation and Disruption

You can’t design for the future by looking at the past. Deciding what initiatives to pick up and which to leave on the cutting room floor is just the first of many challenging decisions. Building a vision and concrete strategy around your innovation growth plans can make even the most seasoned team falter.

Failure can look like millions of dollars in unrealized investment, wasted months or years in stalled projects, or a product that misses the mark. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With OST, you can

  • Reduce and manage risk.
  • Create a vision and business goals that align with your customer’s needs and wants.
  • Move forward confidently with cross-functional experts at your side.

At OST, we have been leading strategic and transformational projects with enterprise organizations for decades. We help the best in the world move in new directions and disrupt their industry.

Let’s Get Started!

Push Digital Product and Service Development Forward With Less Risk and Sustainable Growth

Businesses, products and services launched without clarity or alignment around business goals, customer needs and necessary capabilities will fail. Consumers have high (and shifting) expectations. They will find a product or service that checks all their boxes if yours cannot.

To build a successful digital product, you need to consider the complex interactions within the ecosystem of data, devices and users and how they can be optimized to create meaningful experiences that build loyal customers. When done well, you will uncover growth opportunities and drive new revenue.

At OST, we leverage user-centered design and strategy methodologies to keep the user at the center of your work to deliver a product that will truly meet the needs of your buyer.

Digital Innovation and Strategy Capabilities

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Business Model and Concept Development

OST works side by side with clients to identify opportunities and generate new value. We do this by creating a deep understanding of your consumers’ needs and delivering services that enable you to meet their expectations. From building a proof of concept to helping you develop a business model that drives new value, our team offers a variety of ways to get started.

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Concept to Commercialization

As organizations continually evolve their digital portfolio, we can enable and enhance customer engagements through innovation in five key areas:

  1. Digital readiness
  2. Connecting customers
  3. Leveraging data
  4. Technical underpinnings and capabilities
  5. Support and management

A commercially successful product needs solid strategy and execution in each of these areas to continue to scale and thrive.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

Research is a critical business tool for staying attuned to customer and stakeholder needs — and staying one step ahead of the competition. We blend qualitative and quantitative research methods to generate actionable insights and ensure your digital product and service experiences are designed for the people who use them.

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Digital Product and Service Strategy

Human-centered strategies focus on what’s ahead, not behind. Our insights-backed digital product and service strategies align business goals, customer desires and technical capabilities to support the creation of innovative products, services and experiences.

Digital Product Design Case Studies

Our Approach to Digital Strategy Consulting

At OST, we are passionate about applying human-centered design and Agile frameworks to accelerate growth for our customers. We build deep relationships with our clients, closely collaborate and learn from each other as cross-functional, integrated teams. The result is exceptional new business, strategies and products as well as teams that are confident to move into the next phase.

What Is Human-Centered Design?

Human-centered design (HCD) and design thinking are methods of first uncovering the right problem to solve and then using insights and empathy for the end-user to develop the right solution. The result is a new solution or product that uniquely meets consumer needs and wants. Putting the user at the center of the problem and using the tools of co-creation and engagement provides clarity and intentionality.

Digital Innovation Resources

OST: Holistic Digital Strategy and Innovation Consultants

At OST, we don’t just hand you a 50-page report detailing our findings and suggestions for you to move forward. We have deep expertise throughout our organization, experts who can take the strategy we build together and help you turn it into new, commercially successful product and service ecosystems.

We bridge the gap between strategy and execution, working side by side with your team from idea to strategy to launch and beyond. For us, insights and technology are tools used to achieve your business objectives. People, processes and technology work together to solve your complex business challenges and drive your organization ahead of the competition.