Delivery Management

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As teams organize to focus on hitting milestones, it can often create an environment where everyone is focused on their own piece of the puzzle, losing the ability to see how it all fits together. That’s where Delivery Management comes in — to help bring disparate teams together to coalesce and achieve something great.

Delivery Management Capabilities

Our delivery management team provides support tailored to the needs of you and your project. Some of the most common engagement types are:


Project Coordination

Ensuring your project stays on track with regular status updates and resource management.


Scrum Master/Delivery Lead

In addition to project coordination, a certified scrum master works with the project team to keep things moving efficiently. You can expect to develop a regular project cadence with stand-ups, sprint planning meetings, and demos. This type of engagement is recommended for projects with multiple team members, a tight timeline, or multiple stakeholders.


Program Management

This type of delivery management is intended for projects that span across multiple teams of people. Our program managers are skilled at defining priorities, coordinating across practices, and addressing concerns at the enterprise level.


Agile Training

If you’re interested in increasing efficiency across your organization, we have several options for training within your teams.

Now offering SAFe Training Courses

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

While there are many agile methodologies, OST has a particular expertise with SAFe, or Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise. SAFe is the model we will use to deliver our work as it allows for synchronization of planning, alignment, collaboration and delivery across multiple teams. It’s a proven framework often used in complex corporate structures to identify risks and cross-team dependencies early on.​

SAFe Course Offerings

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